About Aarogyahaar

Aarogyahaar was established in 2014 and has deep insights about health. We define wellness as reversal and prevention of disease and emotional wellbeing.

Aarogyahaar specializes in the reversal and prevention of diseases through an innovative methodology of understanding the root cause, monitoring the right causal clinical parameters, dietary treatment and psychosomatic counseling and motivation of clients in living healthier lifestyles. We make clients understand the damage that medicines are causing them and how to systematically, through improved clinical outcomes get their doctors to reduce or stop their medications.

In order to empower the clients we have also created a supply chain for few critical whole foods that play an important role in disease reversal / prevention.

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Return of 50-70% on your investment per annum
Help spread Health and empower people!
Continuous handholding and support
Low Initial Investment
Low Monthly Recurring Costs

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